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The Little Book of Vaginas - Anna Lou Walker

The Little Book of Vaginas - Anna Lou Walker

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Vajayjay. Lady bits. Notorious V.A.G.

It’s time we talked about vaginas. This pocket- sized book is here to debunk the myths and help you gain a better understanding of everything you were never taught, including:

• The amazing things the vagina does from puberty to menopause

• Advice on the most common complaints and how best to alleviate them

• The vagina in pop culture–from the page to the stage

This succinct and celebratory guide separates fact from fiction and will change the way you think and talk about your wonder down under.



Format: Paperback / softback 128 pages, 20 Illustrations, black and white
Publisher: Octopus Publishing Group
ISBN: 9781787839977
Weight: 164g
Dimensions: 104 x 148 x 17 (mm)