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Menopause: 35 Women Speak - Caroline Vollans

Menopause: 35 Women Speak - Caroline Vollans

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In this book we encounter 35 women telling us about their menopause. The notion of a menopause being limited to hot flushes, mood swings and reduced libido is quickly put to question. These women have a lot more to say.

Menopause: 35 Women Speak represents a broad range of experiences: often surprising, often contradictory. What is experienced as a blessing for one woman is an affliction for another; what is a loss for one is a gain for another; what is promoted by one GP is refuted by another.

Who better to tell the tales of menopause than women themselves? Each woman speaks from her singular place and we come to know what a complex and messy time this stage of life can be.

Just as there is no such thing as an archetypal woman, there is no such thing as an archetypal menopause. Menopause: 35 Women Speak is a frank and moving read about one of the many neglected aspects of women’s physical and mental health.


Publisher: ‎ Independently published (5 Sept. 2020)
Paperback : ‎ 204 pages
ISBN: ‎ 9798673237526
Dimensions: ‎ 12.85 x 1.3 x 19.84 cm