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This Period In My Life - Saskia Boujo

This Period In My Life - Saskia Boujo

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What is “This Period In My Life” all about?

It’s a guide book and journal that has been designed to inform and prepare young people for their menstrual cycle. Over a lifetime we will have between 400 and 500 periods on average. That deserves some attention!

Using ungendered language, This Period in My Life encourages young people to value and understand their periods, as well as connect with their menstrual bleed.

This book provides:

  • Facts on periods and straight forward science about the menstrual cycle.
  • Practical and achievable advice on menstrual products, with an emphasis on sustainability and safe disposal.
  • Hints and tips for self care during the more challenging phases of the cycle.
  • Easy steps to tackle period poverty and to normalise period conversations at school
  • 2 years worth of monthly charts for tracking cycles
  • Templates, quizzes and colouring pages as well as plenty of space to doodle away…

Because we all deserve the tools to equip us for one of the biggest chapters of our life.

A thoughtful gift for anyone approaching puberty.

Pages: 172

ISBN: 978-1527262935