Reopening in East London on 4 Nov 2023

V - Florence Schechter

V - Florence Schechter

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From the creator of the world's first Vagina Museum, discover your go-to guide to the vulva.

The Vulva. For thousands of years, our vulvas and vaginas have been considered mysterious, taboo and shameful. In fact, 50%* of us, don't even know where the vagina actually is.

In this uplifting, informative, witty and empowering guide, we'll explore:

- How to label a vulva
- The power of periods and the many myths around them
- How vulvas have inspired art, folklore and music throughout history and across the world
- How to cut through the noise of the feminine hygiene industry
- How to feel empowered to call a vulva a vulva!

Packed with fascinating contributions from leading activists and experts, V will help every reader discover their own BIG V ENERGY